Microteaching Cohorts

Microteaching Cohort registration is now open. Go here to register to participate in a microteaching cohort in Spring 2020. Please register before 11:59 pm, February 17 

Microteaching provides you with an opportunity to practice your teaching skills and receive feedback. It is a great way to prepare for teaching a new class or guest lecture, practice for recitation, or to prepare a teaching demo for an on-campus interview.

The initial, kick off workshop will take place on February 18 from 3:00 - 4:30pm in E19-607 and serves as an introduction to microteaching. You are not required to attend this workshop to participate in microteaching cohorts, but it is strongly reccomended. After the kick-off session, participants will be sorted into small groups based on their availability and should plan to participate in 2 microteaching sessions over the course of the semester.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice teaching and presentation skills
  • Develop and improve teaching practice in response to feedback
  • Identify aspects of peers' teaching styles that resonate with your teaching goals




What is microteaching?

Microteaching workshops provide an opportunity for novice (and experienced) instructors to practice teaching skills in a supportive environment. In a microteaching session, participants teach class-session excerpts and give and receive feedback on teaching. Microteaching can be used to prepare for a new course, guest lecture, or teaching demo; to try out a new teaching technique; or to practice and develop general teaching and presentation skills.


What can I expect from a microteaching workshop?

Microteaching sessions are conducted with small groups of 3-6 participants and one facilitator. Each participant teaches a short segment  (usually 6-10 minutes) to the other workshop participants who roleplay as students. Presenters then receive feedback on their teaching from the other participants and the session facilitator. Each participant is also exposed to the teaching approaches of others, which may lead to additional inspiration for your own teaching.

An entire microteaching workshop typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the number of participants..

Each teaching segment and feedback session is video-recorded by the facilitator. Following the workshop, participants receive private access to their video and associated feedback session * A microteacher can review the recording on their own, with a faculty member, a peer colleague, or a teaching consultant from the Teaching + Learning Lab.


How can I participate in microteaching?

TLL Staff also conduct a limited number of microteaching workshops for standalone cohorts. Sign up above.

The TLL can also organize department- or school-based microteaching sessions for TAs in your class or department, please request an individual consultation to discuss your needs.


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