Programs and Services

The programs and services TLL offers are designed to help the MIT teaching community continue to provide—and strengthen—the high-quality undergraduate and graduate education that MIT is known for. We tailor our programs and services to the individual needs of faculty and students.  Our efforts range from helping graduate students or new faculty plan and teach their first course to collaborating with faculty committees to create, implement, and assess large-scale curricular or pedagogical change.

Consulting Services

TLL staff are available to consult with faculty, instructional staff, and teaching assistants on any topic related to instruction, whether formal or informal, whether inside or outside the classroom. Consultations can be about ways to strengthen traditional teaching skills such as lecturing, or the use of different teaching techniques, including active learning, collaborative learning, and small group learning. Other topics for discussion can include handling classroom challenges, and assessment and evaluation of student progress.

Workshops and Seminars

TLL workshops on teaching and learning are available to the entire MIT community. Each workshop allows for interaction and involvement; the workshop leader often takes the role of facilitator to enable participants to share their expertise and experience and, thus, learn from one another.


TLL itself organizes or helps Schools and departments to organize workshops that introduce new faculty and teaching assistants to teaching at MIT. Orientations are usually held at the beginning of the academic year, but arrangements can be made to hold workshops at the beginning of the spring semester.


There are courses for graduate and undergraduate students at MIT who are interested in learning more about teaching and learning, who are preparing for careers in academia, or who want to teach math or science in elementary or high school.