Summer 2019 Schedule

Applications for the Summer 2019 program are now closed. Applications for the Spring 2020 term will open in mid-November. 

Applications are not selected on a first-come/first-serve basis, all applications submitted before the deadline will receive equal consideration. For more information on how applicants are selected see the FAQ below.

Summer Session Schedules:

Section 1 workshops (reserved for non-STEM students) meets at 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. on the following days:

  1. Tuesday, May 28
  2. Thursday, May 30
  3. Monday, June 3
  4. Tuesday, June 4
  5. Monday, June 10
  6. Wednesday, June 12
  7. Thursday, June 13
  8. Monday, June 17

‚Äčwith an additional microteaching session to be scheduled between June 17 - 19 

Sections 2 - 5 workshops meet on the following days (sections meet at various times, see application for specific times for each section):

  1. Tuesday, May 28
  2. Thursday, May 30
  3. Tuesday, June 4
  4. Wednesday, June 5
  5. Tuesday, June 11
  6. Thursday, June 13
  7. Thursday, June 20
  8. Tuesday, June 25

with an additional microteaching session to be scheduled between June 14 - 19 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are applicants selected for KTCP?

A: The KTCP has two goals: to provide training for current MIT instructors and TAs and to prepare future faculty for teaching outside of MIT. We are also committed to providing equal space for both graduate students and postdocs. Applicants with confirmed, upcoming teaching appointments at MIT have priority, as well as those for whom this is the last chance to take the program. Applications are not selected on a first-come/first-serve basis; all applications submitted before the deadline will receive equal consideration.


Q: What kinds of questions are on the application?

A: The application collects basic contact information, information about your appointment at MIT, and information about any forthcoming teaching commitments you have. You will also be asked to describe goals that motivate your application to the program as well as give preferences for when you could meet.


Q: Is KTCP a credit-bearing subject? Does it appear on my transcript?

A: No, KTCP is not a credit-bearing subject and you do not receive a grade at the end. Completion is determined by attendance, completion of required homework. Upon completing the program you will receive a certificate and a letter from the Vice Chancellor attesting to the work you have done.


Q: Is there a fee to apply for the KTCP? Is there a fee to take the program?

A: No, there is no fee to apply or enroll in the KTCP.


Q: What is the time commitment for the program?

A: For each of the workshops, there are pre-workshop readings and tasks as well as post-workshop assignments (i.e., homework). You should plan to spend at least an hour preparing materials (reading and completing preparatory tasks) before each workshop. You should also plan to spend at least an hour to complete and upload each post-workshop assignment.


Q: What are the program expectations?

A: In order to complete the program and receive a certificate, you must attend all workshops (6 two-hour workshops and 2 one-hour workshops), participate in one microteaching session, and submit all required post-workshop homework (7 assignments) and one microteaching reflection.


Q: What if I have to miss a session?

A: Due to the acceleratedpace of the summer program, it is extremely difficult to make-up a missed session and no make-up sessions are planned. If you know already that you must miss a workshop, we encourage you to apply for the Fall 2020 or Summer 2020 programs.


Q: I do not have an affiliation with MIT. Can I participate in the KTCP?

A: Sorry, no, we are unable to accommodate non-MIT participants.