ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED at ALL 7 (2-hr) workshops + a (1.5-hour) videorecorded microteaching sessions listed in the Spring Program and/or Summer Program schedule‚Äč. If you are NOT able to attend ALL sessions, consider deferring your registration until a later term. 

To estimate the time commitment and workload outside of class, consider the following:  

  • Each of the first 7 workshops will have pre-session readings AND post-session writing assignments.  Based on feedback from past participants, the readings average 1-2 hours per session. Writing assignments also average 1-2 hours.
  • There is one (summer program) or two (spring program) scheduled microteaching session(s) in the program during which participants will be video-recorded.  Other program participants and an instructor will observe and provide feedback on your presentation.‚Äč The first of these presentations will take place early in the spring term (after Session 2) and the second (the ONLY microteaching session during the summer program) will take place after all class sessions are complete. These short teaching presentations will require additional hours of preparation, however, regular class meetings will not meet during microteaching weeks.
  • The final writing assignment is drafting a Teaching Philosophy Statement (TPS).  Although we encourage participants to be thinking about and outlining their TPS throughout the program, it may take longer than a couple hours to write a final draft. 

All program requirements must be completed by the end of the term in which you begin the program. We do NOT schedule "make-up" sessions.