"The Torch or the Firehose: A Guide for Section Teaching" (2nd edition)

Written by Arthur P. Mattuck, Professor of Mathematics, is a guide to recitation teaching at MIT. With good humor and sound advice, Professor Mattuck offers both novice and seasoned recitation instructors guidelines on how sections can best serve as a complement to lectures, how to help students become better learners, and how to enjoy your experience in the classroom.

  • If you are a member of the MIT community, a printed copy of the booklet is available to you free of charge. Pick up a copy in E39-207 or e-mail us your campus address.
  • For educational purposes, anyone may download, as PDF files, the entire booklet or any of its individual chapters, courtesy of MIT OpenCourseWare. Go to the booklet's online home and click on Online Publication in the upper left corner.