Working with TLL

TLL expertise in pedagogy, curriculum development, and assessment and evaluation complements the domain expertise of faculty and instructional staff at MIT. 

We keep abreast of the latest developments in STEM teaching and learning in higher education, both nationally and internationally.  We bring to the MIT community information about new approaches to curriculum, innovative pedagogical strategies and techniques (both in the classroom and online), and novel methods of assessment and evaluation.  We are also well informed about funding opportunities in STEM education.

More specifically, TLL staff members can:

  • Contribute to efforts to strengthen curriculum and curricular materials from concept through implementation
  • Consult on effective classroom-based practices
  • Offer feedback on teaching performance
  • Provide guidance on using technology to foster learning
  • Advise on designing and implementing assessment to provide data for continuous improvement of educational initiatives
  • Partner on research in college-level learning

TLL collaborates with departments, faculty committees, and individual faculty members, as well as provides guidance in teaching to MIT postdocs and doctoral students. 

Our work runs the gamut from one-time consultations to multi-year efforts.  We have been involved in projects from conceptual design to implementation, assessment, and refinement.  TLL staff collaborate with faculty to disseminate the results of these initiatives in academic journals, conference presentations, and the popular press.