EdTech Teaching Certificate Program (ETCP)


The EdTech Teaching Certificate Program (ETCP) was created for MIT graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who have completed the Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program (KTCP), and wish to learn more about the selection and use of educational technology in and outside of class to support student learning. The program is offered each year over IAP. 

Instructors collect in-class feedback via smartphone or tablet using "Plickers."

By this end of the ETCP students will be able to:

  • Explain the theoretical underpinnings of specific implementations of edtech.
  • Evaluate various educational technology-products with regard to their suitability for a given learning scenario.
  • Select appropriate technology tools to enhance or transform the learning environment.
  • Describe how educational technology is changing classroom and course (and beyond?) structures in higher education. 

This seven session program is designed for participants with a variety of interests and career goals: from those who wish to use educational technology to support their teaching at MIT, to those who are planning careers in academe where the use of educational technology is becoming the norm.

Although specific technologies and applications will be showcased, workshop activities, discussions, and assignments focus on the generalizable educational affordances of the technologies, rather than specifics technologies and applications themselves. Please see the Workshop Descriptions for more information.

After fulfilling the program requirements, participants receive a certificate and letter from the Teaching and Learning Lab outlining the program and confirming completion the requirements. The letter can be submitted with applications for teaching positions as evidence of a commitment to the teaching enterprise.

If you have questions about the program after reviewing this site, please contact Leann Dobranski (leann@mit.edu) by email or by phone