An Example of A&E Instructor-Level Support

Providing Instructors Feedback on Survey Development

After receiving a d’Arbeloff for Excellence in MIT Education grant to advance the development of a technological tool to transform student learning in his class, John scheduled a one-on-one consultation with a T+LL A&E specialist. When John arrived at his one-on-one consultation, he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to assess, but he did know that he wanted to understand the extent to which his proposed tool influenced student learning. From their initial discussion, the A&E specialist learned that John and a computer programmer were in the process of developing the code for the tool and wanted student input so the tool addressed both students’ learning needs and John’s instructional needs. Since John was planned to launch his tool during the semester, the specialist suggested John administer a survey to his fall semester students to gather information on their learning needs. John liked this idea and decided he wanted to develop the survey on his own but requested the assistance of the A&E specialist to hone his survey question and refine its structure. After several email exchanges between John and the A&E specialist, John administered his survey to his students. He shared his findings with the specialist to gain her feedback on the survey results. John is now using the results to refine his technological tool and anticipates reaching out to the A&E specialist at the end of the semester to gain additional guidance on a follow-up survey. She has also offered to assist John in analyzing his data.

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