An Example of A&E Program-Level Support

Utilizing Advanced Analysis to Aid Program Leaders in Understanding Student Success

A program on campus recently sought to understand the extent to which students who participated in their program experienced academic achievement at MIT compared to non-program students. After learning about the program and the needs of the program leaders, a T+LL A&E specialist designed an extensive analysis to examine several outcomes of interest to the leaders. The specialist collected survey and administrative data (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, grades, courses taken, etc.) from various offices on campus and analyzed it using an analytic approach meant to account for the fact that students self-select into the program. Modifications to the analysis were made over time to further suit the needs of the program leaders. After the analyses were completed, the A&E specialist wrote a summary of her findings and provided suggested recommendations to the program leaders. Now, with the analyses complete, this study is being expanded upon to further understand additional student outcomes of interest so the program might function even more effectively.

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