Facilitating Effective Research (FER)

The Facilitating Effective Research (FER) Program helps graduate students & post-docs develop skills in mentoring undergraduate researchers.  Sessions encourage students to reflect on their individual mentoring and advising experiences and on how different behaviors influence mentoring relationships. Discussions focus on how to establish and articulate expectations, and on how to keep communication channels open and flowing.  Participants will have the opportunity to apply strategies to begin to plan and manage research projects and tasks. 

By the end of the 2-day workshop, participants will be able to: 

  • Articulate expectations for advising relationships
  • Align expectations with those of their advisees
  • Employ strategies for effective communication with advisees
  • Articulate qualities of effective mentors
  • Recognize the potential effects of specific behaviors on their advisees
  • Develop research projects with manageable scope
  • Define milestones to measure progress
  • Adjust projects based on achievement of milestones

Other details about the program can be found in this Faculty Newsletter article: The Facilitating Effective Research Program.