How to Succeed at MIT & Beyond: Developing a Growth Mindset

Many students arrive at MIT riding on years of academic success and praise from teachers, parents, and colleagues. But what happens when you encounter uncertainty and failure? Have you been in a challenging class where you worry about how others will perceive you if don't sound "smart" enough? When you fail to achieve a specific goal, how do you manage and overcome discouragement and self-doubt? In this 4-session workshop, we will examine how our own notions of potential and ability can have a fundamental impact on how we approach our work, how much we learn, and how successful we can be in achieving our goals. Workshop content will focus on recent, evidence-based insights regarding human performance, neuroplastictiy, motivation and on how deliberately cultivating a "growth-mindset" can improve our willingness and ability to face challenges and to innovate, despite the risk of failure.

Workshop Schedule:

Session 1: How people learn, neurosplasticity, struggling and how it relates to learning
Session 2: The relationship between different types of mindset, learning and achievement
Session 3: Learning to embrace challenges and learning from them: cultivating a growth mindset
Session 4: Using deliberate practice & evidence-based strategies to improve learning and achievement

For questions about this workshop, please contact the instructor, Dr. Lourdes Alemán (, Associate Director for Teaching and Learning.