Opportunities for Teaching Assistants

TLL offers a variety of workshops and seminars on teaching and learning for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and TAs, as well as other opportunities to support your teaching at the Institute. The opportunities listed below range from one-time seminars, to semester-long support for TAs new to teaching, to small grants opportunities to help enhance students' learning experiences. The TLL staff is also available to help create customized department-based workshops to serve the needs of groups of students or postdocs in a particular discipline.


TLL itself organizes or helps Schools and departments to organize workshops that introduce teaching assistants to teaching at MIT. Orientations are usually held at the beginning of the academic year, but arrangements can be made to hold workshops at the beginning of the spring semester as well.


There are courses for graduate and undergraduate students at MIT who are interested in learning more about teaching and learning, who are preparing for careers in academia, or who want to teach math or science in elementary or high school.