In order to complete the program and receive a certificate you must complete the following requirements:

  • Attend all workshops (six 2-hour workshops and two 1-hour workshops).
    • Because much of what you learn in the program comes from interacting with your colleagues, attendance at the workshops is critical to achieving your learning goals. There are no make-up workshops scheduled.
  • Attend required microteaching workshop(s).
    • In the spring session attendance is required at two microteaching workshops. Due to the accelerated nature of the summer session, only one microteaching workshop is available for summer participants.
    • Microteaching is an opportunity to practice teaching a topic with a small group of peers and T+LL staff and receive feedback and support whether or not you are currently teaching a course.
  • Complete all homework assignments.
    • Each workshop has assigned readings and other media that you are expected to review before the workshop.
    • Each workshop has a pre-workshop assignment that must be completed and brought to the workshop.
    • Each workshop has a post-workshop assignment (seven in total) that must be uploaded to Stellar. In addition, you must complete a required reflection for each microteaching (one in summer, two in spring).

All requirements must be completed by the end of the program in order to receive a certificate and letter of completion.