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TLL work highlights initial results of edX MOOC study

By: Jennifer DeBoer, Postdoctoral Associate for Education Research

As a result of the ongoing collaboration between TLL, MIT’s RELATE, Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and edX, we were delighted to release preliminary findings from our yearlong investigation of the first edX class, 6.002x. The findings appeared in the online journal “Research & Practice in Assessment” (RPA) in its special summer 2013 issue on MOOCs. You can download our paper here

In the study, we outline the investigation we have undertaken as part of a multidisciplinary, cross-institution team in order to make sense of the massive quantities of rich data from 6.002x.  Our work is funded by a one-year NSF grant (information here).  We address four basic research questions: who are the 6.002x students, what behaviors and background factors predict achievement and persistence, how do students form groups and interact with each other, and what is the 6.002x experience for residential MIT students?