Teaching Certificate Pathways

There are two ways to earn a Teaching Certificate through the Teaching + Learning Lab: completing the Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program (KTCP) or completing all four Grad Teaching Development Tracks (also referred to as “workshop tracks”). Both pathways consist of interactive workshops for graduate students interested in academic careers or developing skills to support their teaching at MIT.

The pathway that is best for you will depend on your role at MIT (e.g., a grad student, postdoc) and, if you are a graduate student, how many years remain in your program. KTCP is generally intended for postdocs and late-program graduate students and consists of 10 workshops that must be completed within a single semester.

In contrast, the workshop tracks are intended only for graduate students and are a more flexible pathway to a certificate. Participants achieve the same goals as KTCP but through four workshop tracks (2-3 workshops each) that can be taken in any order over multiple academic terms. Successful completion of each track results in a letter of completion. Once you complete all four tracks, you will receive a Teaching Certificate.

Frequently asked questions

I would like a certificate. Which path should I take: The Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program or Grad Teaching Development Tracks?

The goals of both KTCP and the workshop tracks are the same. However, the right program for you will depend on the kind of training you are looking for and the time left in your program or appointment.

Kaufman Teaching Certificate ProgramGrad Teaching Development Tracks
Intended for postdocs and late-program graduate students. Half of the seats reserved for postdocs, priority for all applicants based on remaining semesters in MIT appointments.Intended for early-program graduate students. Priority is given to those who have already completed a workshop track. 
Program (10 workshops) must be completed within 1 semesterShorter time commitment per semester (2-3 workshops) Program can be completed over several years
Certificate awarded after the semester-long program.Letter of completion awarded after each workshop track. Certificate received after completing all 4 workshop tracks.

Can I take the KTCP along with the Grad Teaching Development Tracks?

The learning outcomes of the complete set of Grad Teaching Development Tracks and KTCP are identical, and there is a significant overlap in the content of both programs. Graduate students who complete one or more workshop tracks will be ineligible for KTCP and should plan to finish their certificate through the Grad Teaching Development Tracks. In their last year, graduate students who have completed some workshop track but will not be able to complete their certificate through the Grad Teaching Development Tracks may be considered for KTCP.