Teaching Consultations & Observations

If you are an MIT graduate student, postdoc, instructor, or faculty member, you can schedule one-on-one teaching consultations and/or observations with one of TLL’s professional teaching consultants.  Services include:

  • Observations of and feedback on your teaching. Services can include class observation, filming, and post-class teaching review with a TLL consultant. 
  • Support for developing a new course or exploring and/or implementing a new teaching strategy, or developing a new teaching style.
  • Feedback on your teaching statement or other teaching-related documents.
  • Assistance in addressing your teaching evaluations.

This service operates independently of departments and schools. All consultations are held in strict confidentiality. The recording and subsequent review is not used as part of any evaluation process and is only intended to support instructors in improving their teaching practice.

Please reach out to us at tll@mit.edu to request a consultation.