Classroom-Based Research

Fundamental Principles diagram based on Felton, 2013

Overview of Classroom-Based Research

The eight steps associated with classroom-based research.

Infographic - A venn diagram that converges learning science research, classroom-based evidence in to evidence-based teaching

Evidence-Based Teaching

The Research and Evaluation (R&E) team at TLL works one-on-one with faculty and staff across the Institute to support data-informed decision-making about educational issues and pedagogical practices.

Sideview of blue darts on a target with a dark background

Determining the Scope of Your Project

Assessment, evaluation, and research can serve many different objectives. At the start of a project, clarifying your scope and defining specific project goals is essential. 

Three puzzle pieces with arrows facing in different directions

Selecting Research Methods

Selecting your research methods means determining: the type of data you wish to collect, a strategy for collecting, your target audience, and the method(s) of analysis.