TLL Speaker Series

The goal of the annual TLL Speakers Series is to disseminate evidence-based teaching practices to the MIT community — from faculty and instructors to staff and students.

The 2022-2023 TLL Speaker Series is centered on the theme of Reigniting the Spark of Learning: Charting a Responsive Path Forward for Teaching & Learning

The presentations this year will address a variety of topics related to promoting meaningful student learning amidst student and instructor stress, fatigue, and ennui. Speakers will discuss strategies and insights for reigniting the spark of learning by supporting well-being and belonging; creating a sense of purpose for students; and examining how our misconceptions about rigor may actually exacerbate stress and fatigue, and undermine deep learning.

Upcoming Talks

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Please reach out to us if you have suggestions for topics, themes or speakers for next year’s Speaker Series.

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