Navigating Conflict & Bias in the Classroom

Due to the contentious issues surrounding the Israel-Hamas war, you may encounter situations in your classroom that challenge your skills as an instructor. These resources can help you develop strategies to address these divisive and emotional topics.

For content on the current Israel-Hamas war, see MIT’s Community Toolkit.

Dealing with Challenging Situations in the Classroom

Despite your best efforts to reduce bias and create an equitable classroom environment where all students can learn, circumstances beyond your control can disrupt those efforts. The following resources provide guidance on how to manage conflict as it arises.

Reducing Bias

These resources can help you reflect on your own biases and may be useful to you as you consider how to reduce all forms of bias in your classroom.

If you are interested in initiating a conversation with your class about the Israel-Hamas war, or any difficult local, national or global event see our page on: Addressing Difficult Events in the Classroom.