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Institutional Research (IR)

MIT Institutional Research is your first stop for data. If IR doesn’t have the data you need, they probably know who does. Email IR to discuss your data request.

IR, often in conjunction with other offices, administers a variety of surveys to the MIT community. Past surveys and their results can be found on this page. If you are considering running a survey, please review the IR Survey Guidelines to help your survey development. IR maintains a wide variety of data. Much of this data is related to people and money at MIT:

The MIT Registrar

The MIT Registrar tracks data related to enrollment and degree completion. Go to this page for their reports of those data.

External Resources

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Reporting Results

Ethical Considerations

The Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects (COUHES) is responsible for reviewing research activities involving all human subjects, whether directly or indirectly unless it meets the criteria for exemption. Use the definition on the COUHES website to help you decide if it needs review. If your project is both considered research and takes place with human subjects, then the next step is to consider what type of review is appropriate for your project. The types of reviews are summarized on this COUHES webpage.