Research and Evaluation at TLL

Our Research & Evaluation (R&E) team conducts a broad range of rigorous educational research and evaluation studies to enhance the academic student experience at MIT.

We work one-on-one with MIT faculty and staff across the Institute to support data-informed decision making about educational issues and pedagogical practices. If you would like to work with one of our R&E experts, we can:

  • Help you develop purposeful, measurable research questions and objectives.
  • Design a study to help you address your research questions and objectives.
  • Collect and organize pertinent data.
  • Analyze the data using relevant analytic approaches.
  • Interpret the findings to guide your decision making.
  • Share the findings with relevant stakeholders, if appropriate.

To learn about assessment, evaluation, and research (and the differences between them), check out our Research & Evaluation FAQs.

In addition to working with individual faculty and staff members to evaluate specific educational practices, our R&E team also conducts research on a wide variety of issues affecting the academic experience at MIT. Visit our About page to view examples of our recent work.

R&E Consultations

The Research and Evaluation (R&E) team at TLL works one-on-one with affiliates across the Institute to support data-informed decision-making about educational issues and pedagogical practices.


We lay out the intended purpose of evaluations, assessments, and research in the context of teaching and learning and how they relate to one another.

R&E Resources

Here you will find links to where you can find facts and figures about MIT as well as external sources to help support your research projects.