Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation (A&E) utilizes data to understand and improve pedagogical innovations and academic programs. The A&E team provides the MIT community with tiered support to address a variety of A&E questions. These questions may include:

  • Did an educational activity or program achieve its intended goal/outcome?
  • What factors contribute to the outcome of the activity or program?
  • How can an activity or program be improved?

What can we do for you?

Our A&E experts offer the following services to the MIT community:

  • Meet one-on-one to discuss individual A&E needs, includes instructor- and program-level needs
  • Develop a unique study plan to answer your questions
  • Design needed tools (e.g., surveys, rubrics, focus group, interview protocols) to collect data to answer one’s A&E questions
  • Provide guidance and feedback on A&E plans, tools, and study methods, for those who want to develop, design and/or conduct their own assessments / evaluations
  • Collect and analyze data (qualitative and quantitative) for individual instructors and programs
  • Lead customized workshops for your program or department, which can focus either generally on A&E or be topic-specific (e.g., rubric development; survey construction; designing focus group and interview protocols; data collection, cleaning and management; current assessment and evaluation technology tools; and interpreting assessment data to make decisions)

If you would like to discuss your A&E needs with one of our Associate Directors for Assessment and Evaluation, please submit a Request for Consultation form.