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Square cartoon teacher being measured by students with measuring tape.
Collecting Mid-semester Feedback

Midcourse Formative Review (MFR) is a new service offered by TLL to support faculty and instructors as they grapple with how to best engage and support their students’ learning.

Identities & Positionality

Resources to Support Reflection on Identities & Positionality One of the foundational practices for creating an inclusive and bias-reduced classroom is to reflect on your own multiple and intersecting identities […]

Two elk butting heads
Navigating Conflict & Bias in the Classroom

Due to the contentious issues surrounding the Israel-Hamas war, you may encounter situations in your classroom that challenge your skills as an instructor. These resources can help you develop strategies […]

Generative AI & Your Course

Read, Refine, Define & Articulate The sheer daily volume of new information and insights about Generative AI (genAI) makes it imperative for all of us to set aside regular periods […]

TLL staff present on Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Assessment at Transforming Institutions Conference

In June 2023, Dr. Ruthann Thomas and Dr. Amanda Baker of the MIT Teaching + Learning Lab presented the Inclusive and Equitable Teaching (IE-Teaching) Assessment at the Transforming Institutions Conference. […]

Creating Accessible Documents

Making Documents Accessible Accessibility is the practice of creating digital content that all people can perceive, understand, interact with, and navigate. Since so much, if not all, course content is […]

An Open AI DALL-E generated cartoon drawing made with the following prompt: A color illustration of a friendly robot lifting a person up a mountain by the hand.
Rethinking Your Problem Sets in the World of Generative AI

Introduction In most STEM subjects, problem sets (psets) are both a central learning tool and a key assessment method. When students grapple with the solution of challenging, well-posed problems, they […]

A digital image of a half human-half computer teaching assistant simultaneously sending information to six students on laptops.
Applying the Science of Learning in Your Teaching: Generative AI May Help

For most instructors, a conscious application of the Science of Learning (SoL) can significantly improve student learning in their classes.

Worked Examples

What are worked examples? Worked examples are step-by-step illustrations of the process required to complete a task or solve a problem. In a worked example, students are provided with the […]

Help Students Retain, Organize and Integrate Knowledge

Why Is It Important? A fundamental goal of education is to promote enduring learning that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and beliefs that can be applied to solve problems […]