TLL Speaker Series

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Beyond Content: Teaching for Civic Participation and Engagement

View Recording on Panopto (restricted to the MIT community). On Wednesday, April 10, we hosted Dr. Bryan Dewsbury to discuss the role that faculty play in supporting students’ identities in […]

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Climate Across the Curriculum: An Octopus’s Journey

View Recording on Panopto (restricted to the MIT community). On Thursday, February 14, we hosted Dr. Sandra Goldmark to discuss climate-responsive teaching in any discipline. Designing Change Dr. Sandra Goldmark […]

Balancing High Expectations and Flexibility: Supporting Student and Faculty Mental Health with Compassionate Challenge

On Wednesday, December 13, we hosted Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh to discuss how to create challenging learning environments for students that also support their mental health and wellbeing.

Speaking Up in STEM: Investigating the Self-advocacy and Classroom Experiences of Undergraduates with ADHD and Specific Learning Disorders

On Thursday, October 26, we hosted Dr. Julie Dangremond Stanton to discuss how students with disabilities engage in self-advocacy in the context of undergraduate STEM courses.

Finding the Why: Integrating Purpose in STEM as a Path to Student Engagement

On Thursday, September 28, 2023, we hosted Dr. Amanda Diekman to discuss how considering students’ “why” in pursuing STEM fields provides a valuable vantage point to foster both broader participation and deeper engagement in STEM.

Supporting Student Learning Through Metacognitive and Motivational Strategies

On Wednesday, May 10, we hosted Dr. Cristina Zepeda to discuss her latest research on how instructors can design their courses to help students more effectively use metacognitive and motivational […]

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Teaching in the Artificial Intelligence Age of ChatGPT

View recording on Panopto (restricted to MIT community). Key Takeaways On Wednesday, March 22, 2023, we hosted Dr. Derek Bruff to discuss the landscape of AI tools for generating text […]

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Students’ Sense of Belonging Matters: Evidence from Three Studies

On Thursday, February 16, we hosted Dr. Maithreyi Gopalan to discuss her latest research on how students’ sense of belonging matters. Takeaways Professor Gopalan began her talk by discussing how […]

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Leveraging Best Practices to Support Community, Wellbeing & Belonging

On Thursday, December 15, TLL hosted members of the RIC16 Ad Hoc Committee to discuss their year-long work to understand and document how MIT instructors and faculty fostered community, wellbeing, […]

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Rigor as Inclusive Practice

On Thursday, October 6, 2022, we hosted Drs. Jamiella Brooks and Julie McGurk to discuss how inclusive teaching, by definition, promotes academic rigor. Redefining Rigor In her opening remarks, Dr. […]