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New Insights & Directions for MIT First-Year Advising

Takeaways In recent years, reports and other efforts to improve the advising experience at MIT have identified a networked approach where high-quality advising is seen as a responsibility of the […]

The Power of Daily Mentoring

Key takeaways: A more holistic approach to student thriving considers external factors in a student’s environment that may impact their performance. The holistic model seeks ways to support students as […]

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Inclusive teaching at MIT highlighted in Festival of Learning panel

This post highlights concrete ways that Arathi Mehrotra, Peter Dourmashkin, and Canan Dağdeviren have created learning environments where all students feel welcomed, supported, and valued as they learn, as shared in a panel on Inclusive Instructional Practices at the Festival of Learning 2022.

Recent Study on Near-Peer Mentorship Program to Support Academic Success

A recent study on the effects of a near-peer mentoring program on first-year students intending to major in biology found that participants in the program were more likely to develop productive academic habits, earn higher grades, and persist in the biology major.

How did 8.02 create an online mentoring program?

Professor Ed Bertschinger delivered a webinar on Tuesday, July 7 about the 8.02 mentoring program, talking more about the implementation of the program and its promising results.