Generative AI & Your Course

Read, Refine, Define & Articulate The sheer daily volume of new information and insights about Generative AI (genAI) makes it imperative for all of us to set aside regular periods […]

ChatGPT-4 & Questions from a Materials Thermodynamics Course

ChatGPT-4 and Thermodynamics I took several problems from a graduate-level materials thermodynamics course that I’ve taught and fed them to ChatGPT-4.1 The goal of this exercise was to gain insight […]

An Open AI DALL-E generated cartoon drawing made with the following prompt: A color illustration of a friendly robot lifting a person up a mountain by the hand.
Rethinking Your Problem Sets in the World of Generative AI

Introduction In most STEM subjects, problem sets (psets) are both a central learning tool and a key assessment method. When students grapple with the solution of challenging, well-posed problems, they […]

A digital image of a half human-half computer teaching assistant simultaneously sending information to six students on laptops.
Applying the Science of Learning in Your Teaching: Generative AI May Help

For most instructors, a conscious application of the Science of Learning (SoL) can significantly improve student learning in their classes.

Word cloud of most common responses: excited, worried, amazed, curious, intrigued, opportunity, uncertain
Teaching in the Artificial Intelligence Age of ChatGPT

View recording on Panopto (restricted to MIT community). Key Takeaways On Wednesday, March 22, 2023, we hosted Dr. Derek Bruff to discuss the landscape of AI tools for generating text […]

Violet and gold locked chest
Teaching & Learning with ChatGPT: Opportunity or Quagmire? Part III

Academic Integrity | Student Privacy | Equity & Accessibility In this third part of our series on the use of generative AI. Here, we outline a few issues to consider […]

Graphic of open book rising from water
Teaching & Learning with ChatGPT: Opportunity or Quagmire? Part II

How Can We Use Generative AI to Support and Enhance Student Learning? As described in our previous post, the unavoidable entanglement with generative AI tools represents a unique and optimistic […]

Teaching & Learning with ChatGPT: Opportunity or Quagmire? Part I

Welcoming Generative AI into Our Classrooms The recent launch of generative artificial intelligence models, like ChatGPT, are eliciting an energetic variety of responses from instructors everywhere, ranging from consternation to […]

How to overcome Zoom’s algorithmic bias

Have you ever wondered what determines the arrangement of participant thumbnails in Zoom’s Gallery View? By default, the order of participants changes over the course of a Zoom meeting. As […]