student engagement

Finding the Why: Integrating Purpose in STEM as a Path to Student Engagement

On Thursday, September 28, 2023, we hosted Dr. Amanda Diekman to discuss how considering students’ “why” in pursuing STEM fields provides a valuable vantage point to foster both broader participation and deeper engagement in STEM.

Identities & Positionality

Resources to Support Reflection on Identities & Positionality One of the foundational practices for creating an inclusive and bias-reduced classroom is to reflect on your own multiple and intersecting identities […]

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Students’ Sense of Belonging Matters: Evidence from Three Studies

On Thursday, February 16, we hosted Dr. Maithreyi Gopalan to discuss her latest research on how students’ sense of belonging matters. Takeaways Professor Gopalan began her talk by discussing how […]

Help Students Retain, Organize and Integrate Knowledge

Why Is It Important? A fundamental goal of education is to promote enduring learning that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and beliefs that can be applied to solve problems […]

Creating Learning Environments to Support Student Motivation Post-Pandemic

On March 30, 2022, TLL hosted a talk by Professor Carlton Fong of Texas State University on the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic impacted student motivation. Professor Fong discussed evidence-based […]

Maintaining Academic Continuity during Spring 2022

You’ve read in the January 26th email from Chair of the Faculty, Lily Tsai, and Vice Chancellor, Ian Waitz, of MIT’s goal of ensuring “robust academic continuity” in the face of […]

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Addressing Difficult Events in the Classroom

Charged and stressful events occurring on campus or in the national or global community can create challenging classroom dynamics and distract students from their academic work.  As an instructor, your […]

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Inclusive teaching at MIT highlighted in Festival of Learning panel

As we continue to increase the diversity of our community at MIT, cultivating inclusive and equitable learning experiences becomes even more vital to supporting students’ learning and sense of belonging […]

Recent Study on Near-Peer Mentorship Program to Support Academic Success

A recent study of the effects of a near-peer mentoring program for first-year students intending to major in biology at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) found that […]

Trauma-Informed Teaching

On October 26, 2021, we hosted a talk by Dr. Mays Imad on Trauma-Informed Teaching. Dr. Imad’s talk built on neuroscience research on trauma and learning and her experiences using […]