Research & Evaluation Consultations

What to Expect The Research and Evaluation (R&E) team at TLL works one-on-one with MIT faculty and staff across the Institute to support data-informed decision-making about educational issues and pedagogical […]

Research & Evaluation FAQs

What are assessment, evaluation, and research, and what distinguishes them from one another? The terms assessment, evaluation, and research are often used interchangeably in the field of education, and there […]

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Fostering Academic Wellbeing in the Classroom

By creating a supportive culture through class practices, norms, and policies, faculty and instructors can play a vital role in supporting students’ well-being in the classroom. In addition, faculty and instructors can help students understand how well-being affects all aspects of their experiences inside and outside the classroom.

How Increasing Equity in the Science Classroom Drives Social Change

On Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019, Dr. Cissy Ballen addressed how certain features of the introductory science classroom create barriers for historically underserved students, supported by large-scale experimental and observational efforts across institution types and geographic regions.

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Community of Anti-Racist Educators @MIT

In January 2022, the Teaching & Learning Lab launched a new interdisciplinary community in which 12 MIT faculty and instructors came together to engage in anti-racist work within the context […]

Options for Final Exams – Updated Spring ’22

In light of the recent uptick in the number of students affected by Covid on campus — and the imminent start of final exams — you may want to consider how you will address student absences and overall student & instructor anxiety around in-person final exams.

Creating Learning Environments to Support Student Motivation Post-Pandemic

On March 30, 2022, TLL hosted a talk by Professor Carlton Fong of Texas State University on the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic impacted student motivation. Professor Fong discussed evidence-based strategies to maximize student confidence, learning, support, and belonging.

Maintaining Academic Continuity during Spring 2022

We provide here a listing of resources that we hope will benefit you, your instructional team, and your students.

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How the Pandemic Changed My Teaching: The Moral Dilemma of Going Back

On February 16, 2022, we hosted a talk by Professor Eric Mazur of Harvard on how the COVID-19 pandemic transformed his approach to teaching introductory physics and why he is keeping many of the changes going forward.

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Maintaining Academic Continuity During IAP 2022

To be able to respond effectively to unexpected situations, however, you should begin now to thoughtfully develop a simple and flexible contingency plan for your for-credit IAP subject(s) to ensure academic continuity and achieve essential learning objectives …