Community of Anti-Racist Educators

The Community of Anti-Racist Educators is an intentional space wherein a small group (10-15) of MIT faculty and instructors can engage in anti-racist work within the context of their role as educators at MIT.  Consistent with the goals of the MIT’s DEI  strategic action plan, we work to address  “barriers to equity, opportunity, and belonging” and to “shape an environment in which all people can do their best work and thrive”. The community is designed to be part education, part activation to inform and support instructors’ work as anti-racist educators through this Reading Group & Community of Practice.

Reading group | 3 Meetings over the course of a month (IAP or Summer)

Across three meetings of the reading group, MIT educators read scholarly articles, discuss the theory and practice of inclusive and anti-racist pedagogy, and make actionable plans to incorporate specific equitable and/or anti-racist teaching practices to their courses. Moreover, the design and facilitation of meetings models core tenets of anti-racist pedagogy by decentering authority and co-constructing knowledge, and engaging in critical analysis of racist systems and structures.

Community of Practice Meetings | Monthly meetings throughout a semester

The community of practice meetings are a space for collaborative learning and support for our work as anti-racist educators. Each meeting involves a brief overview of a topic based on the group’s interests or brief presentations by educators followed by reflection and dialogue on teaching achievements, setbacks and challenges.