AY2021-22 Teaching Resources

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Community of Anti-Racist Educators @MIT

In January 2022, the Teaching & Learning Lab launched a new interdisciplinary community in which 12 MIT faculty and instructors came together to engage in anti-racist work within the context […]

Options for Final Exams – Updated Spring ’22

In light of the recent uptick in the number of students affected by Covid on campus — and the imminent start of final exams — you may want to consider how you will address student absences and overall student & instructor anxiety around in-person final exams.

Maintaining Academic Continuity during Spring 2022

We provide here a listing of resources that we hope will benefit you, your instructional team, and your students.

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Maintaining Academic Continuity During IAP 2022

To be able to respond effectively to unexpected situations, however, you should begin now to thoughtfully develop a simple and flexible contingency plan for your for-credit IAP subject(s) to ensure academic continuity and achieve essential learning objectives …

AV Equipment & Support for the End of the Semester

Are you planning to have student presentations as part of your final assessments for your subject this semester?  If so, there are a few additional considerations you’ll want to take into account given the additional classroom restrictions around masking this semester. …

Instructor contingency planning

Due to Covid-related attestation, isolation, or quarantine policies for you and/or those in your care, it may be necessary for you to teach from home / away from campus for portions of the semester, to enlist a colleague to teach for you, or to reschedule/cancel class …

4 strategies to minimize academic dishonesty on remote exams

Include explanation components; Create non-Google-able questions and prompts; Select assessments that require deeper levels of cognitive processing; Implement a code of conduct (read on for more details)

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Planning for COVID-related absences

To save time and reduce stress during the term, make a plan before the semester begins for how you will support students in the event of absences and communicate these plans to your students on your course syllabus. …

Preparing to teach with masks

Effective 10 February 2022, the “One-Mask-Down-at-a-Time” Policy applies in MIT classrooms and other learning spaces. The policy states: “When speaking in a group setting where all others present are masked […]

Changes to your syllabus

Although it is essential to ensure your syllabus is clear and transparent in “normal” times, this is especially true this fall. Please consider including in your syllabus: explicit statements about […]