Past Talks

Building Community in the Remote Classroom

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, Open Learning and TLL cohosted this xTalk panel discussion, where MIT instructors shared their experience of building and maintaining community while teaching in a remote learning environment.

New Insights & Directions for MIT First-Year Advising

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, this presentation described the reasons for the pilot and the accompanying study of the first-year advising experience from the perspectives of the faculty, OFY staff, and first-year students, and the findings and recommendations for future implementation.

Writing-based Strategies for Learning

This session explored applications of writing-to-learn pedagogy used in a variety of STEM classrooms. Dr. Ginger Shultz led a discussion of strategies that make writing feasible, even in large introductory courses. Writing engages students in solidifying tacit and unformed ideas, connecting them, and translating them for particular audiences.

Co-Designing Assistive Technology Around the Globe

In January 2020, MIT piloted a new subject, 3.008 Humanistic Co-design of Assistive Technology Around the Globe, bringing 8 MIT undergraduates to India and Saudi Arabia. Students worked with international students, engineers, designers, NGO’s, and persons with disabilities to create low-fidelity prototypes and project plans of assistive technologies.

The Power of Daily Mentoring

In this interactive session on Tuesday, October 29, 2020, participants explored research-based, practical strategies to improve your day-to-day mentoring.